9 Minutes of John Woo’s Red Cliff Online!

If you’re not excited to see John Woo’s take on epic Chinese action in “Red Cliff” (I still like the original title, “Battle of Red Cliff” better), then you just don’t appreciate epic Chinese filmmaking. Now someone has put a 9-minute reel of the film that was made for Cannes (with English subtitles!) online. AICN was the first to spot and link to it, but they linked to a Chinese site with the video embedded. Someone has since downloaded the video and put it up YouTube, which you can see below. The quality is just a shade better than craptacular, but you can still see a lot, including where all the money went. And a lot of money went to a lot of places, that much is not in doubt.

Based on the events during the Three Kingdoms period in Ancient China in which specifically told in the title, The Battle of Red Cliffs.

Starring Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Wei Zhao, Chen Chang, Shido Nakamura, and Fengyi Zhang, and directed by John Woo.