9 Rules For a Long and Healthy Career as an Action Movie Henchman

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Stormtroopers from Star Wars

Considering a career as an action movie henchmen? Getting hired is pretty easy — evil bad guys intent on ruling the world needs lots of guys to run around doing odd jobs, so they don’t always have the luxury of being picky. But lasting in the job, at least long enough to earn a good living (or pay off those college debts)? That’s the challenge. To help you get the most out of your career as an action movie henchmen, here are 9 rules to live by.

Warning: like your boss’s grand plan to rule the world/get revenge on the guy that wronged him/killed his brother/enslave the planet, your success as a career henchmen can sometimes depend on the competence of your boss. So if you find yourself out of work (or, worst case scenario, dead), don’t blame us.

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Author: Nix

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  • Brent McKnight

    Don’t stand to close to Al Leong, I’ve lived my life by this code, and it has served me well thus far.

    • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Nix

      There is just no Al Leong equivalent in today’s cinema, sadly. Even Trejo’s gone good.

      • ErickKwon

        I blame that on the homogenization of henchmen in today’s cinema. Compare the henchteam from “Die Hard” (Leong, Huey Lewis at the front desk, the brother with the tiny feet, bald ponytail at the elevator doors, the black guy) versus Bane’s crew in ‘TDKR”. Only guys I remember from “TDKR” are Teal’c and the stoned out looking dude with the bandolier of .50 ammo

    • shonuff

      Ah…. Al. I remember my pre-IMDB days when I just referred to him as level boss.