A Batch of Posters (and one Banner) for Keanu Reeves’ Man of Tai Chi


Man of Tai Chi (2013) Movie Banner Poster

If you’ve got some hankerin’ for a man and his tai chi, we have six new posters (below) and one banner (above) from a little film called “Man of Tai Chi” for you today. “Man of Tai Chi” is, of course, the directorial debut of Keanu Reeves, who is also playing the film’s villain. From all the trailers I’ve seen, it looks like your standard tournament fighting movie, the kind of stuff that used to fill the mom and pop video store shelves of the ’80s and ’90s. Remember when there used to be mom and pop video stores? Oh, those were the days.

Anyhoo, no use crying over spilled rentals. Check out some “Man of Tai Chi” posters.

Set in modern Beijing, story follows the spiritual journey of a young martial artist (Tiger Chen) whose skills present him with both exciting opportunities and painful choices.

Starring Tiger Hu Chen, Keanu Reeves, Karen Mok, “The Raid’s” Iko Uwais and the always entertaining Simon Yam.

No word on a release date yet, but 2013 sounds likely. Maybe.

Tiger Hu Chen in Man of Tai Chi (2013) Movie Character PosterKeanu Reeves in Man of Tai Chi (2013) Movie Character PosterKaren Mok in Man of Tai Chi (2013) Movie Character PosterMan of Tai Chi (2013) Movie PosterMan of Tai Chi (2013) Movie PosterMan of Tai Chi (2013) Movie Poster

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  • http://www.grifiti.com Tin Hoang

    Not holding my breath for this one, though there’s hope it will be decent. At least it can’t be worse than Man with the Iron Fist. The samurai movie he’s got coming, that is looking good.

  • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

    It may be a standard tournament flick, but it looks like it will have some decent fights. I will be looking out for this.