Want Some Behind-the-Scenes Photos from the Set of Chinese Zodiac? Yes You Do.

I should probably apologize in advance. I’m a huge Jackie Chan fan, and, as such, I happen to feel that “Chinese Zodiac” is beyond exciting. You may get very tired of hearing about the damned thing by the time it explodes into theaters next December, and for that, dear readers, I’m truly sorry. That having been said, check out some behind-the-scenes photos from the set of the aforementioned motion picture, as well as a quote regarding the film’s theatrical release.

Here’s what IMAX chairman Greg Foster told Screen Daily:

We are very excited to work with Jackie Chan for the first time on CZ12, which we believe has all the makings of a major international blockbuster. As we continue to expand our theatre network across China, we are seeing greater demand for local-language films to be presented in our immersive format. Today’s agreement emphasises that we’re listening to fans from around the world and delivering a strong film slate of not only Hollywood but Chinese blockbusters in the IMAX experience.

Although I often ridicule movie-goers who overpay to see movies on a really big screen, would I gladly become a throbbing, gristly little hypocrite in order to see a Jackie Chan movie at an IMAX theater. Feel free to point and laugh at me whenever you’re ready.

“Chinese Zodiac” opens on December 12th, 2012.

Via : Film Smash