A Bunch Of Behind The Scenes Photos From Dredd

A bunch of new photos from the South African set of “Dredd”, the latest adaptation of the comic book “Judge Dredd”, just leaked onto the internet. Karl Urban stars in the title role as a member of an elite squad of “street judges”, futuristic law enforcement officers in Mega City. The photos, snapped by a spy and originally published at Bleeding Cool, show the blighted, dystopian cityscape of the film, as well as a glimpse of some of the vehicles. The pictures look suitably grim for the disfigured, crime-ridden environs of Mega City, and they create a definite Big-Brother-is-watching vibe.

Olivia Thirlby costars as Judge Cassandra Anderson, a rookie judge who also happens to be psychic, and trying to prove herself worthy to be a judge. The main villain is a drug dealer named Ma-Ma Clang who pushes a new drug called Slo-Mo. And for those comic purists, it has been reported that Judge Dredd will not remove his helmet (like Sylvester Stallone did in the 1995 adaptation), and he will utter the iconic line, “I am the law” (which Stallone did say, but even that couldn’t save that god-awful steaming pile, which I watched last night).