A Couple of New Images from James Gunn’s Super

Via his official blog, director James Gunn has confirmed the film’s April 1st, 2011 release date rumored last week, and has also released two new images from his upcoming costumed superhero/mentally disturbed movie “Super”. Gunn also dropped this knowledge about where else you can see the movie (possibly):

SUPER will be opening on April 1st, 2011. That first week we will be in only Los Angeles and New York. However, on the following week, April 8, 2011, we will be in fifteen to twenty of the twenty-five biggest markets in the United States. Around that same time, we will also be available on VOD. And, after that, only God knows – perhaps more cities, perhaps not. It depends a lot on what you guys demand and want. I know I’m going to get questions from many of you asking if your city is going to be included on the April 8th open – the answer is “I don’t know.” The other cities haven’t been decided yet. So if you want it in your city go out there and tell your local theater you want SUPER!

So now you know, and as they say, knowing is half the blah blah blah.

Two new images below, featuring Rainn Wilson, Kevin Bacon, and the delightfully mischievous looking Ellen Page, all Wolverine’ed up and junk. Click to enlarge.