A Couple of Trailers for the South Korean Horror Flick Deserted House

Although they’re quickly becoming a dime a dozen these days, the “lost footage” horror flick is something I will almost always line up to see. Not to be outdone by the rest of the planet, South Korea tosses their cinematic hat into the ring with “Deserted House”. Judging from the trailers positioned below this text, the film has the potential to be downright frightening. Of course, I’m a sucker for Korea’s genre offerings, so I might be more than a little biased towards this particular production. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Here’s what it’s all about, courtesy of 24 Frames per Second:

In 42 years, 6 people have disappeared! 8 people have died! There have been 11 murders! Everyone is afraid of the deserted house with the ghosts. It is prohibited to enter if you are alive. But three deserted home society members and three filming team members enter the deserted house. They break the taboo of deserted homes and enter the world of spirits. But they disappear one day… And there is only a video they left behind.

“Deserted House” opens in South Korea on August 19th. Everyone else, I’m afraid, will have to wait for the film to find its way onto DVD.