A Crap Ton of Promotional Material for Kim Whee’s South Korean Thriller Neighbor

Neighbor (2012) Movie Image

It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything about director Kim Whee’s horror/thriller “Neighbor”, though, honestly, I’d kind of forgotten to check. For some reason, there’s not a lot of buzz surrounding this particular endeavor, and that strikes me as a little peculiar. Fans of “Lost” star Kim Yunjin should, in theory, be all over it. Maybe this will change with the arrival of new images, character posters, and a trailer. Judging from the clip you see below, this one has potential.

This synopsis will help dress the stage:

Residents of a small apartment building learn that a serial killer lives within their building. A stepmother feels heavy guilt for not being able to prevent her stepdaughter’s murder. The stepmother takes it upon herself to find the killer. Meanwhile, a young girl that resembles the murdered girl becomes the next target of the serial killer.

Not surprisingly, Kim Yujin isn’t the only player in the film. “Neighbor” also stars Kim Sae-Ron, Jang Yeong-Nam, Cheon Ho-Jin, Ma Dong-Seok, Lim Ha-Ryong, and Kim Sung-Kyun. Although we originally reported that the film would open this July, the release date has now been set for August 23rd, 2012. All of the latest promotional material has been stuffed, crammed, and stockpiled into the space provided below. Enjoy!

Via : Film Smash