Sylvain White Talks 3D for Ronin

Sylvain White is determined to bring Frank Miller’s “Ronin” to the big screen — that much is clear after this interview with MTV. The guy really, really wants to do it, and he wants to do it right. Which, apparently, means shooting “Ronin” in 3D. I could really do without another 3D movie, but I do like the enthusiasm White is bringing to the project.

“It’s something I have a very strong passion for — it’s very complex material. I need it to be adapted right. It needs to have the right combination of intellectual ideas and the great action and sci-fi set pieces that it offers — particularly the brilliant production design that Frank Miller has in the comic, which was already groundbreaking at the time and still is today.”

Coming off “The Losers”, another movie based on a comic book, White stops short of just announcing that “Ronin” would be his next film. (Truthfully, though, he’s probably not the last word on whether “Ronin” becomes a go-project or not; the studio will have a little something to say about it, too.)

White seems to think that the current 3D trend will benefit him and “Ronin”.

“Fortunately, a lot of the studios are looking to make the sort of big-budget, 3-D movies nowadays much more than a decade ago,. Now, so many theaters are equipped with that, it seems to be a very good way to bring people into the theaters. That’s something that I’ve been talking about for a while for a few projects, particularly for ‘Ronin,’ because when you look at the kind of action and the kind of characters he has in the comic, it totally demands a 3-D treatment.”

I’m still not sold on the 3D fad, but I do like the enthusiasm White is clearly showing for the project. If “The Losers” prove to be a hit when it opens April 23, you can probably expect “Ronin” to get fast-tracked into production by Warner Bros. But if “The Losers” fails to light up the box office, it may just take Frank Miller’s displaced Samurai a little bit longer to finally slash his way onto the big screen, 3D or otherwise.