A Flash Movie Without Ryan Reynolds?

You’ll forgive me for being a little geeky when it comes to a Flash live-action movie. After all, I grew up watching John Wesley Shipp as the Flash on TV, and I’m such a Flash junkie I even bought the Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe game just to play as the Flash. (And yes, it did, indeed, rocked, though I would have liked to see more power moves for the Flash, but eh, beggars can’t be choosers.) And when word came that Warner Bros. was putting their money where their mouth was by hiring an honest to goodness screenwriter to tackle a Flash script, I was very jazzed, and I don’t even like jazz. So now what’s this of a rumor that Neil Patrick Harris is in the running for The Flash? Or Scott Porter from Friday Night Lights? Are you shitting me, WB? Are you seriously shitting me?

News of Harris as a possible Flash arrives on the Interwebs via Screen Rant, who doesn’t cite any source, so they could be making it up for all we know, and we’re just gullible enough to link back to them anyway like the chumps we are:

Ready for a wild rumor? How about Neil Patrick Harris being pursued to play DC comic book superhero The Flash? The last we had heard, Ryan Reynolds was in the running (get it?) for the role, but with the upcoming Wolverine movie it seems like his superhero destiny may be tied up as Deadpool.

Now comes possible “insider” news that Neil Patrick Harris and possibly Scott Porter (according to ThinkMcFlyThink.com) are being looked at to play the Scarlet Speedster. Scott played the young Rex Racer in Speed Racer and has a recurring role on Friday Night Lights.

Scott Porter as the Flash, I could take as a replacement for Ryan Reynolds, if Reynolds is indeed tied up with a Deadpool movie (should it come through). But Neil Patrick Harris? “Harold and Kumar” dorks seem to think he’s some kind of God now, mostly because the two “Kumar” movies told them so, and let’s face it, fanboys are sheep when it comes to this stuff.

Neil Patrick Harris will make a shitty Flash, even as the wise-cracking Wally West. Doogie Howser should stick to slumming it on TV and cameos in “Harold and Kumar” movies. Porter (below), on the other hand, I can see it…