A Handful of Images from Director Thunder Levin’s American Battleship

“Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies” isn’t the only production from The Asylum that’s hoping to cash in on the popularity of a big-budget Hollywood production. Behold the first images from writer/director Thunder Levin’s “American Battleship”, a film which stars Mario Van Peebles and Carl Weathers. The flick is headed to DVD and Blu-ray this May, which will coincide with its glossy counterpart’s theatrical release. How impossibly convenient for everyone involved!

A plot? You need a plot? Here’s what you’re going to get:

When a fleet of mysterious ships wage war against the Earth, only the crew of the USS Iowa, the last American battleship, can prevent global armageddon.

“American Battleship” sets sail on May 15th, 2012. All of the images you could possibly want are hanging out below. As soon as a trailer becomes available, I’m sure we’ll be all over it.