A Handful of Pics from Mark Atkins’ Upcoming Creature Feature Sand Sharks

From American World Pictures comes Mark Atkins’ ambitious monster flick “Sand Sharks”, a film that the “Battle of Los Angeles” director describes as a “fish out of water” story. Get it? Sand sharks? Fish out of a water? Oh, boy. Then again, what did you expect from someone who used to work for The Asylum? All kidding aside, I’m always down for another cornball creature feature, particularly since this particular adventure stars “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” alumni Corin Nemec in the lead role. Also on-board to battle these sandy beasts are Gina Holden (“Saw 3D”), Brooke Hogan (“Devour”), and a small collection of extremely pretty faces that are ready and waiting to meet their respective makers in a slew of interesting ways. Fantastic! No word yet as to when or where this one will see the light of day, though I wouldn’t hold your breath for a theatrical release.

Here’s a quick rundown of the plot:

In this Syfy-style feature, prehistoric sand-dwelling sharks are unleashed on the island of White Sands when an underwater earthquake cracks open a crater deep beneath the ocean surface. The most menacing beasts to ever rule the waters, now rule the sand; with their monster appetites they mercilessly munch on anything that crosses their path.

via Fangoria