A Journo and a Techo for 24 Season 8

Two new castmembers for Season 8 of FOX’s aging action-adventure show 24 have been announced. Jennifer Westfeldt and John Boyd join the cast as recurring characters. Jennifer Westfeldt (“Kissing Jessica Stein”, below) will play a character name Meredith Reed, an ambitious journalist (aren’t they all?) with ties to Arman Hashemi (Anil Kapoor), the Middle East leader who comes to the U.S. on a peacemaking mission (supposedly, this is 24, after all) and ends up being targeted by terrorists (supposedly).

Boyd, meanwhile, will play a systems analyst in the newly re-activated CTU named Jonah Schwartz, who may or may not be a mole. Look, when you play anyone associated with CTU, it’s almost a given you’re either a total neurotic freak or you’re a mole. You can’t be both, or neither.

According to THR, production on the eighth season of 24 is set to begin today. Nine more roles are still being cast.

The season will take place in New York, and Jack Bauer will of course be back, bio-weapon infection or not. He’ll be rejoined by FBI agent Renee Walker, who may or may not still be a fed, considering what she was about to do at the end of last season. Chick president Allison Taylor, who had just lost her entire family because of that overrated integrity issue, will also return with a new Chief of Staff, played by Chris Diamantopoulos, who looks way too young to be the Chief of anything, but that’s Hollywood for ya.

Below: An American journalist with terrorist sympathies? Whatever will Hollywood think of next.