A Karate Kid Remake with an Actual KID???

Here’s a question: If you’re going to remake “The Karate Kid”, why in the world would you want to do it with an actual kid — that is, someone who isn’t a teenager as was the case in the original movie starring Ralph Macchio? That’s just stupid. But hey, maybe the answer is simple: Because Will Smith is a big-time movie star, and if you want him to produce your crappy remake, you’re going to let his 9-year old son star in the movie as the Karate Kid, who is actually a kid. Ergh. Nepotism in Hollywood continues to astound.

Anyways, here’s the news from IGN about this sure-to-be craptacular remake:

IGN has been informed by a reliable source that Sony Pictures is developing a remake of The Karate Kid that will be produced by Will Smith’s Overbook Entertainment and Jerry Weintraub. Weintraub also produced the 1984 film, starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita, and its three sequels.

We were also advised that Smith’s son Jaden, 9, is attached to star in the remake. Jaden Christopher Syre Smith starred opposite his dad in last year’s The Pursuit of Happyness, which was also released by Sony. We understand that this new Karate Kid is currently out to writers.

If they make the karate kid a 9-year old, forget about it, it’s going to be gooey and “oooh, awwww” type junk.

In fact, over at his site, Clint Morris of MovieHole relates a story about being involved in a possible sequel to the franchise a few years back, and I liked his idea a hell of a lot better:

A few years back, prior to MGM’s sale to Sony, there was talk of another Karate Kid movie. Several folks — you’re looking at one — were in the mix to flesh out Daniel Son’s next adventure (in my opinion, the best design was to always fix on an older discontented career-man version of Daniel whose son needs his help — self defence wise – only he’s not so keen to give it because he’s anti-Karate these days) but at the end of the day, a change of studio guard and the discernment (don’t know if I agree — I think the title alone would’ve done the selling) of some who believed Ralph Macchio could never open a film again saw the sequel plans scrapped faster than a fractured egg in a basket.

I like that idea so much better than to start back at the beginning and insert a 9-year old kid into the starring role. Mister Miyagi must be spinning in his grave about now.

I mean, come on, how are they going to re-do that whole school dance and badass guys in skeleton costume karate fight scene from the original with a 9-year old in the lead?

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