A Killer Wolf Stalks the Mean Streets of Yoo Ha’s Howling

Lee Na-young in The Howling (2012) Movie Image

Not to be confused with “The Howling” horror movie franchise, South Korea’s “Howling” is based on a Japanese novel, and stars Song Kang-ho (“Memories of Murder”) as a hardpressed Homicide cop and Lee Na-young (“Maundy Thursday”) as his rookie partner, as they try to solve a series of deaths being attributed to a killer wolf. My first instinct was “werewolf”, but according to the film’s teaser trailer (below), it certainly looks like the culprit really is just one hungry little wolf. Okay, so maybe it’s not so little, but you know, no Taylor Lautner ripping off his shirt to reveal his abs here, apparently. Sorry, ladies. (And uh, some of you guys out there.)

The Koreans always do creature films very well (“Chaw”, “The Host”, and more recently, “Sector 7”), and it’s a shame they don’t do nearly enough of them. I guess they’re really not that popular over there, though International audiences always seem to really go for them.

Also starring Jang In-ho, Kim Dong-yoon, Nam Bo-ra, and Kim Kyeong-ryong.

The film, directed by Yoo Ha, is apparently due out sometime in February 2012, though when exactly isn’t certain, which is odd, but there you have it.

Via : Scifi Japan