A Look at the Avengers’ Quinjet and What About Those Mysterious Non-Loki Villains? (SPOILERS)


Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth in The Avengers (2012) Movie Set ImageBy now I think everyone and their grandma (even the ones who thinks computers are the Devil’s tools) know that Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) will be bringing his brand of villainy from the “Thor” universe to Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers”. But ol Loki, as mischievous as he can be, can’t possibly be the only threat to bring together the world’s greatest superheroes, can he?


It’s been rumored for a long time now that The Skrulls, the green-skilled alien menace of the Marvel Universe, would be the other villains in “The Avengers”. That’s all but a certainty, right?

Not quite.

Badass Digest now says it might not be the Skrulls after all. Even though, well, they’re pretty sure it was supposed to be the Skrulls.

My sources close to Marvel revealed years ago that there would be Skrulls in the movie; Marvel Studios prez Kevin Feige told me personally that while Fox has The Super Skrull, Marvel owns The Skrull Empire. Well, it turns out that either he was jumping the gun or someone in legal didn’t want to test the difference between those two concepts, and the aliens in The Avengers have been rebranded as something else, as well as redesigned.

As you’ll recall, we’ve already seen the Avengers fighting guys in mo-cap suits from the film’s set (here and here). Now it looks like whoever those guys were supposed to be (Skrulls, we guessed) will now be a new alien threat entirely. Then again, I don’t suppose it matters. Average Joe Blow wouldn’t know a Skrull from a Kree.

And oh, check out your first look at the concept artwork for the Avengers’ Quinjet below. Groovy.

Avengers Quinjet Concept Artwork

Author: Nix

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  • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

    Quinjet looks on point. I hope it has 5 jet thrusters (hence the name quinjet) as it did in the cartoon “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.” Also I still say the aliens are either the Chitauri (the ultimate version of Skrulls).

  • Ncounter

    The staffs they’r wielding. Skrull were brawlers as far as i recall. Only hope it’s not “the Stark” another MArvel “what if’s” where an alien race, that discovered Stark’s tech jettisond into space by Tony in fear of manipulation, who in the end named themselves after him))))
    They did as i remember say that First Avenger was a starting point for the Avengers trilogy….if so hope that Red skull cameos and with new friends as is Loki))))

    • Yeeeee

      None of that made sense..

      • Ncounter

        Sorryabout that…was just setting of to work – was in a hurry))). What i meant was that i hope it won’t be anything irregular for the Marvel universe. You know like new characters from the Marvel “What if…” storyline.
        I highly doubt that they could be the Skrulls because these dudes wield power staffs…and the skrulls used only their fists and power copying abilities.
        You know it just occured to me that those “unknown foes” could be those Nazies killed by Cap in the First Avenger. Thrown in to another dimension, altered by the Cubes mystic power and armed with asgardian weapons. And led by the True enemy of the Avengers- The Red Skull….Ah my fantasy is runnig wild)))))

        • Vineland

          “The Stark” featured in Iron Man a few issues before he ‘died’ and round about the same time Tony designed the War Machine armour. I remember reading it a long time ago. “The Stark” may have also been in a “What If…” as well. I really liked that story because it was a great new twist to the old “Stark technology in the wrong hands” plot which crops ups constantly. A primitive alien race that becomes technologically advanced in a matter of a few generations when they stumble across a dead Tony and his armour in the future.

  • Loeildu6clone

    It will be Thanos.

  • Loeildu6clone

    It will be Thanos.

  • Dylanf

    Word on the street is that since Fox owns Skrulls it will sort of be a new version of skrulls called the Redacted. Its just the skrulls changed up a little. Also, the rumor says that Thanos and the red Skull will be in the movie

    • Juggernaut

      As far as the invading forces go I hope they bring in either the Skrulls or their Ultimates counterparts the Chitauri. Thanos wouldn’t be a bad choice either. An after credits stinger showing Loki, Red Skull, The Leader and perhaps Ironman 3’s central villain (hopefully Mandarin!) alligning forces and forming the Marvel Studios version of THe Masters Of Evil would be bad ass!

      • Dylanf

        Yeah i agree. The rumor says that Loki will come across red skull and trade gems and that Loki tricks Thanos and he gives Loki the “skrull” army to use.

        • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

          All of that sounds interesting and decent set ups for a sequel of a larger level.