A Pair of Cool Trailers for Atomic Robo: Last Stop Animated Movie

Atomic Robo Comic Book.jpg

So apparently comic book creators Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, along with animated guys Jeff McComsey and Joseph Krzemienski of The Fictory, have been trying to get an “Atomic Robo” animated movie off the ground for some time. Below, you’ll find an early teaser and a new, official trailer for the would-be movie, the former from way back in 2010, and the latter released just recently, which features completed short scenes from the movie.

Now let me just say, I’m a pretty big Atomic Robo fan. I ran across it at a comic book shop while doing some research for an upcoming comic book movie, and thought it was so different. And even though I hadn’t read comics in years, I decided to pick it up, and was glad I did. It was pretty awesome. New, original, and just fun. Heck, I liked the comics so much that way back in 2008, I put Clevinger and Wegener’s “Atomic Robo” on my list of 5 comic book characters that I’d love to see made into a movie. (It landed at #2, just beaten out by Solar at #1.)

Turns out, the boys at the Fictory, with a fresh script from Clevinger, have been working on getting Robo his own movie for a while now, and have set up a Kickstarter page to encourage donations to finish the film. They have already gotten the $12,000 they were aiming for, and are already up to $24,000 in donations. But if you still feel like contributing (and getting cool swag from the movie in return), head over to their Kickstarter Page now.

When the film is finished, it will be released free online for everyone to see. I imagine they might release a DVD or Blu-ray later on, but that’s just a guess.

Via : Geeks of Doom