A Pair Of Snazzy Clips From Tarik Saleh’s Metropia

Metropia2“Metropia” is a project I’ve had on the brain ever since stumbling across its alluring poster on another website, despite the fact that the film features the voice of notorious “Brown Bunny” director Vincent Gallo. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with Mr. Gallo, mind you, except for the fact that his face tends to get on my nerves. Personal issues aside, Tarik Saleh’s Kafka-esque tale of paranoid man’s brush with romance looks amazing, so much so that I’ve actually entertained the thoughts of selling body parts to fund an expedition to Fantastic Fest next week to catch a screening of it. Common sense, as well as an attachment to life and limb, has prevented me from embarking on such a drastic adventure. So it goes.

Below are two visually appealing clips from Saleh’s promising motion picture. Beyond the aforementioned film festival, North American release dates have not been set. Huge kudos to Twitch for pointing me in the right direction.