A Pair of Spider-Man/Venom Movie News

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie PosterWith the Avengers having already and spectacularly busted the box office open like something that busts spectacularly, and that Dark Knight guy set to do likewise, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that Sony has a rebooted “Spider-Man” movie set to open next month, too. But don’t tell the film’s producers that. Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmach were tag-teaming the PR junket rounds this week, and came up with some few choice statements regarding Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man”, but mostly about the upcoming “Venom” movie that is set to be directed by “Chronicle’s” Josh Trank.

On what “Venom” will be about and its relation (if any) to “The Amazing Spider-Man”, Arad had this to say to Hollywood.com:

It’s an Eddie Brock story. We want to be as close to the comics as possible. Especially in Eddie Brock’s story. But again, pseudo-sceince is becoming science. All these tidbits about webs, artificial webs, is a huge industry now. Spiderwebs have unique qualities that will be huge for communications, fibers, and so forth. So we have taken the approach that we want to make the huge amazing movie about Eddie.

Tolmach adds:

He was a journalist. He had the wrong story, he got in trouble for it, he got fired. The whole essence to us for the Marvel characters. Stay close to the bible, stay close to the emotional story, and the rest is fun.

Spiderman vs. Venom in Comic BookSo what are the chances Venom will cross over with Spidey? The two are owned by the same studio, after all, and it wouldn’t exactly go against their bottom line to start crossing over their characters the way Marvel is doing with theirs. If Sony is smart, that is. And that’s a big if.

On that topic, Tolmach told Crave Online:

The truth is [Venom] also deserves his own movie. We’ve been sitting around in a room talking about Venom stories and it’s a really full bodied complicated character, Eddie Brock and this character. Maybe people feel there wasn’t enough of a chance to unravel it, but we’re all in on him.

But eventually the two would meet in a movie, right? According to Tolmach:

All things are possible someday…

Honestly, I’m flabbergasted Sony doesn’t seem to have any concrete plans already in place to cross over the two characters. You’d think it would be the most obvious thing to do in the aftermath of “The Avengers”, but then you wouldn’t be a highly paid Hollywood movie studio suit.

Anyways, there were also some talk about Spidey crossing over with The Avengers, to which Arad seemed to indicate it’s possible … one of these days. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though. If they can’t even get their you-know-what to make plans for Venom and Spidey to cross over, putting Spidey in another studio’s franchise is a major reach.