A Pair of Trailers and a Batch of Images for Heavy Metal: The TV Series

Kelly Brook in HEAVY METAL Episode Master of Destiny

Still waiting for that big-screen adaptation/remake of “Heavy Metal”? Why bother, it’ll probably never happen. I mean, it’s not like there’s a big audience out there for adult-themed animation, or am I wrong? I can’t see that film ever getting made, is what I’m saying.

Have no fear, though, because there’s another way to satiate your “Heavy Metal” thirst — in the form of an ongoing TV series consisting of 26-minute episodes adapting stories from the original “Metal Hurlant Chronicles” comics (translated into “Heavy Metal” for domestic consumption). And like the “Heavy Metal” comics, the episodes will range from Action, Heroic Fantasy, to Science Fiction. Co-written and directed by Guillaume Lubrano (I’m not sure, but I think Lubrano directed every single episode), the show’s initial run will be two seasons, with 6 episodes per season.

Currently the show has been picked up in France, and some parts of Europe. Have no fear, though, even if no one in the U.S. picks it up, I suspect you’ll be able to get them on DVD pretty soon after they begin airing overseas.

Here are some looks at the first few episodes of Season 1, featuring Scott Adkins and Michael Jai White in the martial arts episode “King’s Crown”, Kelly Brook and Joe Flanigan in the sci-fi episode “Master of Destiny”, and James Marsters and Michelle Ryan in “Shelter Me”.

Images via the show’s Facebook page:

Via : Quiet Earth (Live for Film/CBM)