Quick Peek at the New Captain America Trailer and New Photo

Check out Entertainment Tonight’s quickie sneak peek at the new “Captain America: The First Avenger” trailer. The full trailer, we expect, or theatrical trailer, as they’re officially called, will be released sometime in a few days, give or take. And it’s about time, too; that Super Bowl spot seems so long ago, and with news of reshoots, there were some negative buzz swirling around the good Captain. Nothing that a badass trailer can’t fix.

Plus, a new photo from the movie featuring the good Captain surveying some damage and looking a bit shocked by all the devastation. Hey, Cap’n, it’s war, get used to it, pal!

Until the full trailer hits online, this is your best look at the new trailer for now:

click to enlarge

UPDATED: Paramount has released this short 6-second clip from the trailer, which will be arriving this Thursday: