A Revealing Bruno Poster

In his neverending attempt to prove to the world that comedy that is as subtle as a hammer to the face can make big bucks at the box office, Sacha Baron Cohen is back with “Bruno”, which sees the Brit playing a gay fashionista from Austria who journeys to the U.S. to make fun of us homophobic and repressed people. Cause, you know, we’re homophobic and repressed like that. Poster for “Bruno” below.

Oh, how I miss the days when comedy meant talking out of your butt or styling your hair with man glue instead of a one-trick gag like, “Look, I’m really, really gay! It’s comedy gold!” Sigh.

The mockudrama will star Cohen and a cavalcade of unsuspecting doofuses in Alice Evans, Trishelle Cannatella, Sandra Seeling, Candice Cunningham, Ben Youcef, Richard Bey, and Ron Paul. Larry Charles, who helmed Cohen’s 2006 hit “Borat”, returns to helm this one.

Run for cover July 10.