A Robocop Sequel in the Works? Or Remake?

The question isn’t whether MGM is going to do another “Robocop”, it’s whether, is it a remake or a sequel to the existing franchise? And considering the utterly insane trend of “rebooting” everything nowadays, I’m guessing it’s going to be a remake. A totally unnecessary and crapola of a remake, considering that the original (and even the first sequel) were hyper-violent films that could never, ever exist in today’s politically correct times. But hey, that’s the news: MGM is going to do another “Robocop”.


An interesting press release about MGM seems to confirm the studio’s interest in a project we’d heard alluded to a while back. It dropped off the radar for a while (we were all hoping this one would just go away), but now, unfortunately, now it’s back.

Here’s a snippet from the release:

MGM is planning an exciting fall and winter release schedule. In partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment, MGM will bring new installments of two of its tentpole franchises — the new James Bond movie QUANTUM OF SOLACE and Steve Martin in PINK PANTHER 2. MGM will also release United Artists’ international thriller VALKYRIE, starring Tom Cruise on October 3. With the appointment of Parent, MGM will enter its new phase of evolution by focusing on its major movie franchises highlighted by JAMES BOND and PINK PANTHER sequels, THE HOBBIT, THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR 2, THE OUTER LIMITS, ROBOCOP, DEATH WISH and FAME, among others.

Most of the projects listed here (‘cept for maybe OUTER LIMITS…don’t know what they’re doing with that) are already known, or we’ve already covered.



They actually tried to do a Robocop TV series a while back, but it didn’t go over very well. Let’s hope this attempt to revive the franchise is a sequel instead of a reboot. In fact, let’s hope it doesn’t happen at all, but that’s probably too much to hope for.

The best Robocop that I saw, besides the first movie, was when Frank Miller did a “Robocop vs. Terminator” comic book limited series a few years back, where Robocop’s brain was the impetus for Skynet, and a Resistance Fighter was sent back in time to kill him. If you’re a comic book fan, you should pick it up, it’s quite good.