A Round-up of Avengers Movie News, Rumors, and Merchandising (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans in The Avengers (2012) Movie Image

“The Avengers” save the Earth May 4, 2012, but until then, get your fill of random “Avengers” news, images, rumors, and other shenanigans that have popped up on the web the last few weeks. And in case you missed it, you can see some official “Avenger” magazine covers here, which also includes some nice scans from the superteam’s appearance in UK-based Empire Magazine.

Jenny AgutterUp first, what’s this about another Marvel superhero doing a cameo in “The Avengers”? The rumor comes courtesy of actress Jenny Agutter (“Logan’s Run”), who tells The Radio Times during an interview this curious tidbit (via Bleeding Cool):

As for Agutter, she’s about to metamorphose again to appear alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson in upcoming Hollywood blockbuster The Avengers.

“I’m sworn to secrecy! I wasn’t allowed a script until I got there, and when I did I felt like a complete child being on big sets and a huge parking lot full of Winnebagos.”

She does let slip that two of these housed Spider-Man and Iron Man; we suspect Agutter won’t able to avoid sci-fi conventions for much longer.

That … seems unlikely. Besides the fact that Spider-Man and Iron Man are owned by different studios (studios that have proven in the past that they do not enjoy playing with each other), why would director Joss Whedon add another superhero into a film already stuffed with superheroes? My guess is that Agutter, who is 60, doesn’t know her Spider-Man from her Hawkeye. That’s not to be mean or anything, but why would she know?

Moving on…

What says Happy Chinese New Years like The Avengers? Not a damn thing, that’s what. In case you don’t know what these are, they’re little envelopes that you’re supposed to put money in to give to friends and families in celebration of the Chinese New Year. (via CBM)

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The Avengerse Chinese New Year Envelopes

The Avengers assemble … as toys. Legos and action figures, to be more specific. Well, a couple of them, anyway. (via Blogomatic / Empire)

The Hulk and Captain America Lego

The Hulk Action FigureThe Hulk Action Figure

And finally, because everyone loves Iron Man (well, with the exception of Whiplash, probably), here’s what Tony Stark’s superhero alter ego will probably look like in “The Avengers” movie. The statues are courtesy of toy manufacturer Kotobukiya. (via Joblo)

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Iron Man Statue FigureIron Man Statue FigureIron Man Statue Figure

Thanks to Dedpool, Edward, Mike, and everyone who sent these in the last few days.