A Second Image from Jack Ryan

Paramount has released a second official pic from their currently shooting “Jack Ryan” reboot, this time featuring both star Chris Pine and Kevin Costner, playing Ryan’s CIA mentor in the film. Costner will also be showing up in Paramount’s “Without Remorse”, the spin-off movie that will be set in the same Ryan universe. Or should we start calling it “The Ryaniverse”?

Anyways. “Jack Ryan” finds the titular hero working as a financial consultant for a Russian billionaire in, well, Russia, where he’s framed in a terrorist plot and forced to go on the run. Our hero must clear his name, stop the bad guys, and save the love of his life, to be played by Keira Knightley.

Kenneth Branagh, who will direct, also plays the film’s bad guy.

“Jack Ryan” returns next year on December 25, 2013.

Chris Pine and Kevin Costner in Jack Ryan (2013) Movie Image

Here’s the previously released pic in case you missed it:

Chris Pine in Jack Ryan (2013) Movie Image