A Serbian Film Finally Comes to North America in All Its Uncut Glory

Like it or not, the director’s cut of Srdjan Spasojevic’s impossibly controversial horror outing “A Serbian Film” is headed to retail shelves here in the US this May. If you watched the edited version released on DVD and Blu-ray last October, then you haven’t seen the whole film. And if you haven’t seen the whole film, then you probably aren’t completely dead inside. Because once you’ve seen “A Serbian Film”, everything else is blase. I’m not kidding.

This is what Invincible Pictures CEO Tom Ashley had to say about the release:

Of course we would have preferred an uncut release last year. Unfortunately, the charges brought against Mr. Sala were something we had to seriously factor into that release. Now that those charges have been dropped, we can bring A SERBIAN FILM to its fans as its director had intended.

A word of warning: Unless you’re just a cold, dead bastard with a heart constructed of frozen dog carcasses, “A Serbian Film” will mess your shit up. No joke. There are scenes in this movie I wish I could forget, so don’t even bother with this one unless you’re ready to see some seriously jacked-up stuff. The film will be available via FlixFling on May 1st, with a limited-edition DVD release to follow on the 22nd. You can have a look at the artwork, as well as the US trailer, by taking a bold step in a downwardly direction.

Via : Fangoria