A Serbian Film is Set to Shock UK Moviegoers This Holiday Season

If spending Christmas with a retired porn star who will do anything — and I do mean anything — to take care of his family sounds like a good time, then you’re in luck. Director Srdjan Spasojevic’s notoriously controversial horror flick “A Serbian Film” is scheduled to rape the tender minds of moviegoers all across the UK on December 10th. It’s worth noting, however, that the film underwent some serious cut to receive its 18 certificate. According to 24 Frames per Second, roughly five minutes of footage was excised from the picture in order to qualify for public consumption. Having already seen the movie uncut and unedited, it will be interesting to see what elements were removed.

If you haven’t already perused film critic extraordinaire James Mudge’s fantastic review of the picture, by all means, stop by and give it a quick read. It’s a good way to prepare yourself for the nastiness ahead of time.

Red Band Trailer for “A Serbian Film” below. The squeamish need not apply. – Ed.