A Slew of Images from the Upcoming Chinese Horror Flick Blood Stained Shoes

There isn’t a wealth of information surrounding director Yip Wai-man’s forthcoming horror flick “Blood Stained Shoes”, but it’s not that hard to figure out what the film is all about. Ghostly women? Gore-encrusted ladies footwear? This isn’t exactly rocket science. Regardless, some of the recently-released images from the production are certainly intriguing, though looks can definitely be deceiving. However, that’s about all we have to go on at this point, given that there currently isn’t a trailer available for consumption. As soon as one becomes available, we’ll get to embedding.

“Blood Stained Shoes” stars Ruby Lin, Kara Hui, Monica Mok, Michael Tong, and Xing Minshan. Look for the film to haunt Chinese theaters this March.

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