A Slew Of Pics From Tim Sullivan’s 2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams

2001Maniacs5Although I’m probably in the minority on this one, I’m of the belief that “Driftwood” director Tim Sullivan’s over-the-top 2005 horror/comedy “2001 Maniacs,” though stupid from its underbite to its ingrown toenails, is solid entertainment. Do keep in mind, however, that there’s absolutely no accounting for taste. Unless I’ve grossly underestimated the film’s fanbase, I’m sure most of you couldn’t care less about the much-delayed follow-up “Field of Screams,” a title which may or may not change between now and the time this thing finally gets released. At one point, the film was called “2001 Maniacs: Beverly Hellbillys,” as well as “2001 Maniacs: The Sequel.” What keeps me from being overly excited about the project is the complete absence of legendary horror icon Robert Englund. I know they’ve hired Bill Moseley to carry the proverbial torch, but as you well know, Moseley is certainly no Robert Englund. No offense intended, of course, though it is true.

Even the synopsis is a little disheartening:

After the sheriff refuses to cover up any further for the maniacs causing all the missing persons in the area, they’re forced to hit the road in what’s dubbed the “Pleasant Valley Traveling Road Show,” where the maniacs head across country in hopes of gathering more victims. We’ll follow a young TV crew called the “Road Rascals” as they find themselves mixed up with another one of the maniacs’ deadly festivals.

If this thing ever surfaces on DVD — it’s currently scheduled for release sometime next year — we’ll see if this questionable storyline actually manages to work. Until then, feast your eyes on some pics below. If you want to see more, check out the “2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams” gallery at Upcoming Horror Movies.