A Slew of Spiffy New Images from Benny Chan’s Shaolin

This potentially badass motion picture had better hit theaters soon, because I honestly don’t know how much more promotion my cinema-addled little brain can take at this point. My breath has been baited, my fingernails have been chewed to the point of physical discomfort. For the love of God, people, get this thing into my neck of the proverbial woods so I can bask in its warm glow of its kung fu wizardry. Granted, I have absolutely no idea if the film is any good, but I’ve a pretty good feeling about this one. If, like me, you can’t wait to check this thing out, feast your eyes on the latest batch of images, which arrive courtesy of the diligent folks over at Film Smash.

“Shaolin” is scheduled to hit Chinese theaters sometime this year.