A Slightly Longer Teaser for the Korean Bike Movie Quick

I think we can all agree that if there’s one thing this world is sorely lacking, it’s more insane movies about cool guys on sports bikes dodging massive explosions, balls of fire, and “the man”. I haven’t a clue what the South Korean movie “Quick” is all about, but after Todd posted that teaser trailer, I’ve been keeping an eye out for this little ditty ever since. So here’s a new teaser trailer for the film — it’s pretty much the same teaser trailer that Todd posted previously, except there are an additional 15 seconds tacked on near the end.

The plot:

A former motorcycle gang member, Ki-su, makes a living as a bike messenger. One day he witnesses the building blow up. Never suspecting he could have anything to do with the bomb, he moves onto his next job―which is escorting a girl group singer, A-rom, an ex-girlfriend from his biker days. As she puts a proffered helmet on her head, a timer mechanism is triggered and a countdown clock appears. Ki-su gets a call from a stranger telling him to make a series of deliveries within a fixed time limit. When Ki-su completes deliveries, each turns out to be a bomb.

Anyone who has owned or ridden a sports bike knows the thrill of slicing through traffic as if cars around you were sitting still. It’s bloody awesome. So I honestly don’t care if “Quick” ends up being really, really bad, or campy, or downright ludicrous (as it might just be), as long as the bike stunts are aces and there’s a cute girl or two thrown in. I’m easy that way.

“Quick” throttles into South Korean theaters this July, so you’re probably looking at a late 2011 date for the import DVDs to arrive Stateside.