A Small Collection of Images from Noboru Iguchi’s Tomie Unlimited


Miu Nakamura in Tomie: Unlimited (2011) Movie Image

Confession: I haven’t seen a single entry in the popular “Tomie” franchise, due in part to a good friend’s insistence that the entire series isn’t worth the time it takes to seek them out. Considering I value his opinion, I figured I would do well to stay away from them. Fair enough, right? However, upon hearing that cult director Noboru Iguchi is preparing to unleash “Tomie Unlimited” upon the world at-large next year, I am starting to rethink my decision to ignore these movies. Call it shameless fanboyism if you must, but I will honestly watch just about anything that guy makes. Yes, I need to get a life, but apparently they’re currently on backorder, so this will have to do. Bear with me if you can.

Before we continue, a quick synopsis:

“Tomie Unlimited” revolves around a mysterious girl named Tomie (Nakamura Miu). With her beauty and charm, she can make any man fall for her, be it young or an elderly, so obsessed that they’ll even want to take her life. After a person gets rid of her, out of nowhere, Tomie will appear before them as if nothing happened.

Below you’ll find a small collection of images from the film, all of which appear to be focused directly on Nakamura Miu. Which, for some, will probably be a good thing. Much love to JEFusion for the pics.

Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Arthur

    Interesting. A new Tomie film. Most of the Tomie films were pretty good; especially “Tomie Replay” and the Takashi Shimuzu directed “Tomie Rebirth”. But some were boring duds.

    • Arthur

      Oops, “Shimizu”, lol.