A Small Glimpse at Iron Man 2

iron-man-2-poster2And I really mean small. This isn’t even a teaser trailer. It’s the promo for the teaser trailer, so it’s intended for the Iron Man addicts starving for any slice of consequential (or inconsequential) news. The footage is so brief that it’s kind of incomprehensible if you want plot details – although it does look like Tony Stark is really reveling in his fame – but it does presage interesting things to come. On the other hand, if you just want to see proof of the movie’s existence, then it’s something to get lost in. The rest of the footage should be available on Entertainment Tonight Wednesday. It will then probably hit the web moments later, in case you happen to miss it. You can watch the promo on Youtube, where it seems the founding footage came from (hence The Movie Box logo scrawled everywhere) or in the player below.