Smoking Conan the Barbarian Reboot Teaser Trailer


Cause, um, that’s all you see. A lot of smoke, some wince-inducing dialogue, and some flashes of action and characters. I guess that’s why they call it a teaser trailer, but still … Sheesh. I expected more in terms of, I don’t know, coolness?

A quest that begins as a personal vendetta for the fierce Cimmerian warrior soon turns into an epic battle against hulking rivals, horrific monsters, and impossible odds, as Conan realizes he is the only hope of saving the great nations of Hyboria from an encroaching reign of supernatural evil.

Starring Stephen Lang, Ron Perlman, Rose McGowan, Rachel Nichols, Jason Momoa, Leo Howard, Saïd Taghmaoui, Bob Sapp, Nonso Anozie, Marco Khan, Raw Leiba and directed by Marcus Nispel.

Conan reboots August 19, 2011.

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Author: Nix

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  • TheScowl

    This reminded me of Spartacus blood and sand. This is not a bad thing since I love Spartacus. I hope the music is epic.

  • Vineland

    Very wince-inducing dialogue.

  • kazaar

    i pray they don’t screw this up. arnold was a joke in the original making a mockery of all those incredible tales of the cimmerian by robert e. howard. the cheesy stilted dialogue has me groaning already.

  • Brian

    I saw this when it was a Cineplex exclusive a few minutes before it hit the rest of the web haha, would have liked to see more. I like Momoa, I’m a Stargate fan and he was one of the only things about Atlantis that was tolerable. Plus Ron Perlman…he’ll make the movie if nothing else works so that’s worth the ticket price right there!

    • Dedpool

      Ageed! It was a tease! And Perlman as Conan’s dad will be awesome. The cast seems pretty good. Yeah the dialogue was laughable, but this is Conan, I don’t expect him to be spouting Shakespeare. Actually what he said sums him up pretty well. I still look forward to this. Just to get a big budget adult fantasy film.

  • Dedpool

    And the scene with him handling the sword was nice. An homage to the Arnie version but looking a bit more fluid with the motions.

  • Dedpool

    SAw this cover for an upcoming mini-series and was like “Hey that’s exactly what Mamoa looks like in the film” cept younger:

  • futbolwaria

    The cheesy stilted dialogue is straight from REH, goons!

    Only thing can screw this up is if they go PG-13.