A Snazzy Collection of Images from Benny Chan’s City Under Siege

Although I’m pretty lukewarm on the films directed by Hong Kong staple Benny Chan, I must admit that the first batch of images from his forthcoming martial arts opus “City Under Siege” look spectacular. The film — a touching story about acrobatic circus clowns with superhuman powers battling one another on the streets of Hong Kong — sounds positively stupid, which is all the more reason for someone with my dodgy taste in cinema to give it a go. Besides, it’s hard to pass up a flick that features an abundance of top-notch kung fu, Jacky Wu Jing, and circus clowns. To be honest, they had me at circus clowns. Huge thanks to Twitch for unearthing the pics, which have honestly made my day a little bit brighter.

Sad, but true.