Sparkling First Trailer for Diana Starring Naomi Watts as the People’s Princess

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Naomi Watts in Diana (2013) Movie Image

I never got the whole fascination with Princess Diana by the general public. But then again, I’m a dude, so that might explain it. The ladies seem to love her, though, and her death broke all their hearts. So here’s a movie about her life and times, with Naomi Watts playing her, and here’s the first trailer for that movie from director Oliver Hirschbiegel, who directed “Downfall”, or for you YouTubers, “that awesome movie where Hitler rants about stuff”.

It looks like a Lifetime movie of the week. But with a bigger budget. And a bigger star.

Celebrated and adored by millions, she was the Queen of people’s hearts, yet the bittersweet story of the last man to truly capture hers has never before been told. Princess Diana (double Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts), at one time the most famous woman in the world, inspired a nation with her generosity, compassion and kindness – and in her final years she would meet the man, Dr Hasnat Khan, who in turn inspired her.

Starring Naomi Watts as Diana and Cas Anvar as Dodi Fayed, along with Naveen Andrews, Juliet Stevenson, and Laurence Belcher.

Inspiring housewives everywhere this September 20th 2013 in the UK. No word on a Stateside release date yet.

Naomi Watts in Diana (2013) Movie Image

Naomi Watts in Diana (2013) Movie Image

Naomi Watts in Diana (2013) Movie Image

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  • Tim

    How can you possibly say it looks like a Daytime movie of the week when the trailer is only a minute long and doesn’t include any actual dialogue? But personally, I think Naomi Watts is too attractive to play Diana (please don’t kill me Diana lovers!).