A Talking Cat!?! That’s Seriously The Name Of Eric Roberts’ New Movie.

Although you won’t find the movie listed on his Internet Movie Database page, Eric Roberts has a new movie coming out where he plays a talking cat. What’s the name of this potential direct-to-video masterpiece? “A Talking Cat!?!” The punctuation marks are included in the title.

From the clip embedded below, the film looks to be either a low-budget comedy for all ages or a freaky softcore porno featuring an irritated cat. Either way, it stars Eric Roberts as a talking cat. What’s more, the cat appears to have been animated with an iPhone app. A free iPhone app.

Here’s what the official plot synopsis has to say:

The heartwarming story of Duffy (Eric Roberts), an adorable talking cat that brings two families together. Sometimes it takes a little help from a special cat to get people back on course. In this case, Duffy sets about to help two families enjoy each others’ gifts.

The whole “help two families enjoy each others’ gifts” part worries me a little. Is this a low-budget family film or a kinky spank flick? Check out the embedded trailer and see for yourself.

“A Talking Cat!?!” will hit DVD on February 5, 2013. Reserve your copy right meow.