A Ton of Icky Stills from the Upcoming Splatterhouse Reboot

SplatterhouseBack in the glory days of the Sega Genesis, I was all about “Splatterhouse.” The idea of playing a guy that resembled Jason Voorhees appealed directly to my horror-soaked brain, especially since the main character was a sinister badass who could easily break apart monsters with his bare hands. Rumors of a supposed “remake” have been circulating for years, but now, it seems, the game is finally coming together. The kindly folks lurking behind-the-scenes at Kotaku have posted several screenshots from the upcoming “Splatterhouse” reboot, and I must say, it looks pretty faithful to the original series. Unfortunately, this puppy won’t see the light of day until September of 2010, so I suppose these pics will have to satisfy my virtual bloodlust until then.

As long as I still get to smash monsters with a large chunk of wood, I’ll be a happy weirdo.