A Trio of Lovely Ladies Have Tested for Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman

Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman

According to sources (i.e. what I’ve read online via this Variety article), Wonder Woman won’t actually make an appearance in Zack Snyder’s “Batman vs. Superman”, but her human alter ego, Diana, will.

Or not.

The trade doesn’t exactly know what role “Fast and Furious'” Gal Gadot, “G.I. Joe: Retaliation’s” Elodie Yung and former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko recently tested for, just that they recently did their thing for Zack Snyder, and the role they’re competing for will either be that of Diana (aka Wonder Woman) or Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend.

Gal Gadot is ready for some Bat action.

Gal Gadot is ready for some Bat action.

Given that all three women have a history of playing kick-ass heroines in the past, I’m gonna go out on a limb that they don’t need someone who can kick Bruce Wayne’s ass to play his girlfriend. There are a few gazillion leggy models who can do that job that doesn’t require actually auditioning.

This sounds very much like Wonder Woman or bust here, especially given the description of the character as “tall, brunette, athletic and exotic”.

Elodie Yung

You want a Wonder Woman with legs? Elodie Yung has legs.

Gadot, Yung, and Kurylenko certainly fit all three criteria, with Yung being the shortest at 5’7″. Both Gadot and Kurylenko are listed at 5’9″ to 5’10”. Makes sense for Wonder Woman to have the height, since Affleck and Cavill are both over six feet tall, so it’s not like whoever wins this role will be acting across Tom Cruise.

Zack Snyder’s “Batman vs. Superman” is already shooting, but won’t open until July 17, 2015.

Yes, if you’re keeping track at home, 2015 means “The Avengers 2”, “Star Wars: Episode 7”, and “Batman vs. Superman”. Man, if you love comic book movies, this is sure a hell of a good time to be alive, kids.

Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko is daydreaming of a Wonder Woman role.