Aaron Eckhart is Ready to Do More Battling — Even if it’s Not in L.A.

$36 Million and the top spot at the domestic box office will get a lot of sequel talk going. That’s the amount Aaron Eckhart’s “Battle: Los Angeles” did over the weekend, and it’s apparently enough of an incentive for the actor to already start talking sequel. As if reading my thoughts, he’s already suggesting new battlefronts — Paris, anyone?

Speaking to the LATimes’ Hero Complex, Eckhart sounded very enthused about putting the fatigues back on for another combat tour.

I very much enjoyed wearing the uniform of Staff Sgt. Nantz and I’m very proud of this film. It wouldn’t be the worst thing to do, that’s for sure. I’m ready to wear the uniform again. Filming this movie was a great experience and I’d be happy to see that experience continue.

To me this movie, I put my heart and soul into it. It was the hardest movie I ever made in my life, by far. It was hard not only physically but mentally, psychologically, and it was all real blood, sweat and tears on the screen. It’s not makeup and it’s not made up.

Despite the title, the film was actually shot in Louisiana, which you probably didn’t notice given the snazzy CGI Los Angeles skyline featured throughout the movie.

So, if there are sequels, where would Eckhart like to see Nantz and the boys (and, er, girl) head off to fight for next?

I’m thinking something more like ‘Battle: St Croix.’ Or maybe ‘Battle: Paris,’ I’ve been looking around while I’m here. It’s funny you have to make it real but you do hate to destroy a nice town. But Paris would be good.

Eh, the Frenchies have it coming, anyway.

This guy is not very enthused about aliens invading Paris. Stupid mime.