Aaron Eckhart is Tired of Two-Face Questions, So Stop Asking him Two-Face Questions!

Aaron Eckhart is obviously tired of Two-Face questions. Is he dead? Isn’t he? What are you, retarded? He was obviously dead at the end of “The Dark Knight”, and everyone has said so, from Nolan to Goyer to Eckhart numerous times. (And yes, if that’s a spoiler, then you deserve to have it spoiled for you, since it means you haven’t seen the movie yet. Why haven’t you? It’s only the best comic book ever made! Well, after “Catwoman” with Halle Berry, I mean.) So Aaron Eckhart was at the Golden Globes over the weekend and some dork from MTV shoved a microphone into his face and asked him another stupid Two-Face question. And it’s not just another Two-Face question, it’s the Two-Face question. You know, the one Eckhart has heard only, oh, a billion times before?

I don’t know what’s more painful, watching poor Aaron Eckhart try to answer yet another Two-Face question or watching the MTV reporter being completely oblivious to just how miserable the question is making Eckhart.

Meanwhile, the producers of the “Batman” reboot are still unsure if there will even be a third movie. In other news, scientists at Harvard have discovered that sex is fun.