Aaron Eckhart Talks Two-Face and Dark Knight

The boys over at Wizard got themselves an interview with Aaron Eckhart, aka Harvey Dent aka Two-Face in director Christopher Nolan’s upcoming “The Dark Knight”, in which Eckhart waxes philosophical on the character and what have you. You know, actor stuff, things we’re just barely interested in. But what we really want to know is how will Two-Face fit into “The Dark Knight” — i.e. will we see him turn now, or in a third installment? Eckhart answers.


In terms of the heart of the character, Harvey has gone through a large arc. Will we be seeing Harvey’s full arc here or will it play out in, say, another movie?
I think with the other [films], you’re looking at the climax of a character’s arc. Where does he go after that? I think that right now we’re showing who Harvey was before he was scarred, and it’s an interesting role that he plays. We’re looking at Gotham City trying to get out of its darkness. That’s why Harvey is important.

Does Harvey get scarred in this movie or will we have to wait until the next one to see that?
Harvey Dent turns into Harvey Two-Face in this movie. So that answers your question better.

So there you go, folks, from the man himself — Two-Face will appear in “The Dark Knight”.

Aaron Eckhart Talks Two-Face and Dark Knight