Aaron Eckhart to Battle Depp for Rum

It would appear that after a lot of trouble just getting someone interested in doing an adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s “The Rum Diary” with him, Johnny Depp is actually, finally going to get this thing made. After the movie pcked up Amber Heard as the love interest, it’s now added Two-Face himself, Aaron Eckhart, to play the third wheel in the film’s central love triangle. Also joining the cast is Oscar nominee Richard Jenkins (“The Visitor”).

THR has more on the casting:

Eckhart is part of a love triangle that sees him vying with Depp for Heard’s affection. “Diary” is the tale of a washed-up, hard-drinking journalist named Paul Kemp (Depp) in 1950s Puerto Rico. Eckhart would play Sanderson, a wealthy landowner who believes everything has a price and introduces Kemp to a different standard of living.

Jenkins is playing Lotterman, the man who oversees the rundown newspaper where Kemp works.

Amber Heard is the woman Depp and Eckhart’s characters will be fighting over. They have excellent taste.