Aaron Eckhart’s CIA Thriller The Expatriate Adds Two Ladies

Color me excited for “The Expatriate”, even if the premise is a tad, well, overly familiar at this point. How many more movies about ex-CIA badasses are we going to be getting in the next few years? “Taken 2” is already on the way. Well if it’s got Liam Neeson or in this case, Aaron Eckhart, then I’m all for more. Now the Philipp Stolzl-directed film has added two pivotal ladies to the cast: Olga Kurylenko and Liana Liberato.

In “The Expatriate”, Eckhart will play an ex-CIA badass who gets into some trouble when he retires to run a security business in Europe. Soon enough, our hero and his estranged teenage daughter end up on the run from ruthless assassins.

Former Bond girl Kurylenko (below) will play a current CIA agent and Eckhart’s former lover, who is tasked with tracking him down. Liberato (top, left) will play Eckhart’s daughter, effectively making this her third teenage daughter-in-peril character in a roll, having played the victim of an Internet predator in “Trust”, will play a hostage victim in Nicolas Cage’s “Trespass”, and now, the target of assassins in “The Expatriate”. But hey, beats working at MacDonalds, right, kid?

German Stolzl (“Young Goethe in Love”) is directing from an original script by A.E. Amel. The film is currently shooting in Montreal, which I take it is standing in for Europe. It will, though, eventually move to Brussels in May.

Olga Kurylenko