Aaron Johnson and Anton Yelchin Throw their Hats into the Spider-Man Lottery

Will Marc Webb’s “Spider-man” reboot kick ass with Aaron Johnson as nerdy Peter Parker, or will it beam up to blockbuster status with Anton Yelchin in the lead? Sigh. Sorry. I’m trying, okay?

Anyways, the latest two candidates to fill out Peter Parker’s tights are “Kick Ass” star Aaron Johnson (below, and who is also rumored to be trying to get a piece of Matthew Vaughn’s “X-Men First Class” according to some web busy bodies), and young Chekov/young Kyle Reese aka Anton Yelchin (top left). The two names come from the LA Times, who quotes unnamed “sources”. Hey! I thought only us amateur web folks were allowed to do that! But I digress.

I really don’t have much of a preference between the two. Yelchin has never had to do much in the two major roles I’ve seen him in (“Star Trek” and “Terminator Salvation”), i.e. he didn’t have to carry those films. Though to his credit, he didn’t detract from them, either. I suppose he would be a good choice, and he’s already fronting his own movie in the upcoming “Fright Night” remake.

Aaron Johnson, on the other hand, got so overshadowed by Hit Girl in “Kick Ass” that most people no doubt left the theaters wondering why the film wasn’t called “Hit Girl” instead of “Kick Ass”. Plus, Johnson never convinced me as a nerd in “Kick Ass”, and I doubt he could bulk down for Peter Parker. Of course, that’s why they call it acting.

But yeah, no real preference. What do you think? Yelchin or Johnson? Then again, according to one site, the choice was already made, and it’s Jamie Bell. And they had unnamed “sources”, too…

'Me? Spider-Man? Kick ass!'