Aaron Johnson Slaying Giants for Bryan Singer?

Here’s the thing: “Jack the Giant Killer” better be really, really good, because it’s the movie that pushed Bryan Singer away from “X-Men: First Class”. I have faith that Matthew Vaughn can do something good with that movie (despite all those silly ’60s wardrobe I’ve been seeing from the set — brrrr), but man, I’d have much preferred Singer in the director’s chair for some mutant mayhem.

In any case, Singer has now moved on to his dark re-telling of “Jack the Giant Killer”, and with the studio having given him the greenlight to commence production, Singer is now looking for his titular hero.

Accoridng to Deadline, Singer is “sweet” on “Kick Ass” star Aaron Johnson, which probably means it’s a done deal. Even though the article says every young actor in Hollywood wants the gig, and will no doubt be sending out their “people” to get it, if Singer is eyeing Johnson, then it’s probably a lock that Johnson will get the role.

Production on “Jack the Giant Killer” is expected to begin early next year, with Singer directing from a script by Darren Lemke and Mark Bomback.

If I was Johnson, though, before signing on I’d make sure there wasn’t a young, prececious girl in “Jack” that could upstage him. Again.

'Bring it, Kick Ass!'