Abbie Cornish to Wander the Dark Fields

Variety reports that Australian actress Abbie Cornish has landed the female lead opposite hunk-of-the-moment Bradley Cooper in the druggie thriller “The Dark Fields”. Cornish will be playing the role previously rumored on the Interwebs to be occupied by Elizabeth Banks. She’ll join Cooper and Robert De Niro, playing the movie’s heavy, in the Neil Burger-directed film.

Based on the novel by Alan Glyn, “The Dark Fields” finds Cooper playing a failed writer who stumbles across an experimental drug called MDT-48, which is described as “Viagra for the brain”. The drug turns him into a wildly successful writer who gets to sleep with many, many women. Of course it probably helps that he looks like Bradley Cooper, but I think in the movie we are supposed to ignore that. Unfortunately for our hero, with all that fame and fortune and easy poontang comes deadly side effects like sanity-splitting headaches, spontaneous blackouts, and violent outbursts.

Asprin, anyone?

Abbie Cornish