About Cherry Takes it All Off in First Trailer

Ashley Hinshaw in About Cherry (2012) Movie Image

“About Cherry” stars Ashley Hinshaw, who you may recognize as the somewhat unnecessary (but hot) blonde from “Chronicle”. You know, the girlfriend of one of the guys who develops powers, who sorta didn’t have a whole lot of reason for actually being in that movie? Yeah, her. Anyways, she’s the star of “About Cherry”, which I’m not sure is a dark, gritty, depressing movie about one young woman’s journey into the soul-crushing world of porn, or a funky coming-of-age movie about one young woman finding herself in the soul-crushing world of porn. Or perhaps something in-between? But don’t take my word for it. Take a gander at the trailer for Stephen Elliott’s “About Cherry” and judge for yourself.

A drama centered on a troubled young woman who moves to San Francisco, where she gets involved in pornography and aligns herself with a cocaine-addicted lawyer.

The film also stars James Franco, Heather Graham, Dev Patel, Lili Taylor, Diane Farr, and Megan Boone.

Coming in limited release September 21, 2012.

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