Abrams and Tom Cruise Officially Onboard Mission Impossible 4

Remember the wacky days when Paramount Pictures, embarrassed by Tom Cruise’s increasingly erratic behavior (Tom being Tom, as they say) cut ties with him? Well that was then, and today Paramount has seen the light. Reuters say the studio has officially signed on Tom Cruise to star and J.J. Abrams to produce the next “Mission Impossible” film, which despite earlier reports, will indeed, once again, focus on the IMF’s superagent, Ethan Hunt (aka Tom Cruise) and not a new breed of younger agents with Hunt as their mentor. Figures. Tom Cruise taking a back seat in a franchise he basically built from Day 1? That was never going to happen.

Now all the studio has to do is find a director, a couple of screenwriters (or a half dozen), and release the film on Memorial Day weekend 2011 as planned. That, and keep Tom away from cameras where the word “Scientology” is mentioned and couches.

Oh no a Scientology question by a reporter sitting on a couch! Run Tom run!