Abrams’ Cloverfield Spoilers on Video. Maybe. Well, Probably Not.

YouTube is a riot. It allows people to post all manner of stupidity on it. Sometimes the videos are just guys sitting at their computer dictating into a mic about theories regarding different movies. This guy, who has a Cloverfield website, discusses his theories about Cloverfield. Among his “spoilers” (which he claims he got from an email sent to him by an “inside source” on the movie), is that Cloverfield is about an alien that came to Earth many years ago, that Slusho is “people”, and that the alien creature awakens when enough Slusho has gathered and the creature goes after the people who drank Slusho to, um, drink them. Or something like that.

It’s all crap, of course, since as we all know, Cloverfield is nothing more than an American remake of “The Host”. I heard this theory mentioned in a previous post, and it makes perfect sense.


(and if I’m wrong, I’ll pretend I didn’t say the above)